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The Word of God

by Pastor Scott Rees Jul 30

When you hear the phrase “The Word of God”, what comes to mind? My guess is that most people think of the Bible because we so often refer to it as “The Word of God.” And it is. But what about the famous opening fourteen verses of John’s Gospel that says the “Word was with God, and the Word was God,” and that “The Word became flesh and lived among us”? The Bible didn’t become flesh, right? ... Keep Reading

The Obviously Invisible God

by Pastor Scott Rees Jul 15

As we read the Old Testament it can seem almost like an unbelievable story. Think of some well-known story like the parting of the Red Sea as Moses led Israel out of Egypt. It is such an overwhelmingly amazing story that people reduce the lesson of it to something like “God will help us in difficult situations.”... Keep Reading

Be Sure to Water Your Soul

Jun 27

On June 7 about 30 volunteers of NLCC scurried about the campus and cleaned up, cut up, dug up, and fixed up the property. It was a lot of work, and a lot got done, and there’s still more to do. The main visible result you all see is the new grass growing on the south side of the building. It was a lot of work and to see the grass spouting is satisfying and hopeful. But the work is not done. The problem is not solved. If we fail to water it regularly it will die and return to a barren state.... Keep Reading

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