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A Very Helpful Insight about Sin and Guilt

by Pastor Scott Rees Oct 17

Most Christians today glibly attribute the forgiveness of their sins to the “love of God.” John 3:16 is cited as proof that “God so loved the world” that he forgives sins. The problem is that this is making only one part of the truth the whole truth. People are claiming God’s love, part of the truth, but forgetting his justice. ... Keep Reading

Lord’s Day 3: How Things Got So Bad

by Pastor Scott Rees Oct 15

The 129 questions and answers of the Catechism are divided into 52 segments so that it can be preached through in one year. My HC history is not deep enough to know who did this, but it is a handy way to organize it for teaching and preaching the doctrines of our faith.... Keep Reading

The Greatest Loss and the Greatest Command

by Pastor Scott Rees Sep 19

I want to pick up where I left off in my last post, so you may want to quickly review that one before reading this one. The point I drew out was that the HC attributes our misery to our failure to live by the Two Great Commandments.... Keep Reading

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