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The Better Insight about Jesus Q&A 18 Gives Us

by Pastor Scott Rees Mar 2

Today we come to Q&A 18 and we find a truly better insight into the Two Natures of Christ that the ancient creeds did not address. The Catechism mostly recaptures what the Ancient Church taught in contrast to what the Roman Church was teaching at the time.... Keep Reading

Bet You Didn't Know This

by Pastor Scott Rees Feb 24

Well, it’s been officially two full months since my last post. The day after my last one I got on a plane and flew to Colorado Springs to have Christmas with some family there. It was a new adventure, and nothing like we usually do for Christmas. ... Keep Reading

"Mary, Did You Know?"

by Pastor Scott Rees Dec 24

Mark Lowry is the author of "Mary, Did You Know." Here is his version of the song. ... Keep Reading

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