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The Weirdest of the Ten Commandments

by Pastor Scott Rees Feb 28

Call me crazy, or a confused, but doesn’t the 4th commandment about the Sabbath seem odd?... Keep Reading

The Habit of Guilt

by Pastor Scott Rees Feb 28

I have never taken a scientific poll, but thirty years of experience has proven to me that the default response of almost all Christians who listen to a sermon that touches on any way to improve in obeying God is guilt.... Keep Reading

Thank You for Letting Me Preach on the Law

by Pastor Scott Rees Feb 23

I’ve heard of people who so love their job, career, or even part of their job that they can’t believe they get paid to do it. Well, that’s how I feel about preaching on the Law of God, the Ten Commandments, in this season of NLCC.... Keep Reading

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