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Are We Too Familiar with Jesus?

by Pastor Scott Rees Apr 9

There is an interesting scene recorded in Mark 6:1-6. For the full effect you’ll need to go read it. The short version is that Jesus “went to his hometown.” It didn’t go well. ... Keep Reading

Go See the “God’s Not Dead” Movie

by Pastor Scott Rees Apr 7

This is an unashamed plug for the movie “God’s Not Dead.” Patti and I saw it this past Sunday and we rarely go to the movies, due to the price and mostly useless products. We thoroughly enjoyed, were deeply moved, and inspired by this movie.... Keep Reading

Change is Irritating

by Pastor Scott Rees Mar 29

A recent experience of buying a new chair reminded me of why change is so hard. It’s irritating. Even a simple and good change like getting a new chair because the old one squeaks too much and is starting to break down some can be irritating. How much more difficult is a big change?... Keep Reading

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