Meet our pastors


Scott Rees

Lead Pastor


Will Brooks

Pastor of Young Adult and Youth Discipleship

Knowing Jesus Christ changes everything in our lives. This does not happen instantly or quickly. It is a life-long journey through many seasons, events, joys, sorrows, and successes.

New life in Christ begins with an introduction to Jesus as Savior from separation from God, and continues in ongoing maturity of faith in him as our King and Lord.

As the Lead Pastor of NLCC, my aim is to teach, preach, counsel, and lead so that those who visit us, or make NLCC their church home, will enter this new relationship with Christ  and continue to grow deeply in love with God and grow more deeply in their faith in Him. 

Just a bit of Bio: My wife, Patti, and I have four grown children, and four grandchildren spread over several states.  Long Island is the third region of the country we've lived in, where we love the brilliant colors in the Spring and Fall, and regular strolls on the beach. 

Will joined the ministry team at New Life in March of 2018. Prior to that, he was all over the place: School in some other states, ministry on a different island, and  adventures in other  nations.

Will loves to connect with people, so a pastoral role centered around fellowship in and with Christ just makes sense. 

If there is a Reformed Theological or Apologetic conversation to be had, Will is there, especially if good coffee is involved.

When not actively engaging his ministry work, Will takes to the rooftops where he often covers the day shift for Batman, since the Bat only tends to work in the dark. It's a rough job, but somebody has got to do it.