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Reformed Theology

New Life Community Church is a member of 

The Reformed Church in America


The word "Reformed" comes from the historic Reformation of the 1500's, and simply means "changed" or "transformed." The early Reformers often said they were "Reformed (transformed) by the Word of God and are continuing to reform according to the Word of God."  We follow in a long tradition of Christians who look to the Bible as the primary source of truth for life.



The Bible is God's inspired and infallible Word and our authority for matters of faith and practice


Eternal life is found only in Jesus Christ


God is "Triune." His full nature is revealed in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit


Being a Christian includes daily obedience to the teachings of Jesus


All Christians are called and gifted for serving others for the glory of God 



New Life Community Church is a congregation of the historic Reformed Church in America. The church started in 1866 as the First Reformed Church of West Sayville, and relocated to our present location in 1985. 

Over the years our people have changed and our area has changed, but the Gospel of Jesus Christ, understood through the Reformed Tradition, has continued. Today we seek to introduce people to an ever maturing faith in Jesus Christ, because we believe the best life anyone could every have is a life with God. 

We believe Jesus gathers a church together that we might mutually encourage each other in following Christ and in sharing life and love with our community of Long Island. 

New Life Community Church

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