Student Ministries

Student Ministries

Update on the Direction of Our Youth Ministry


We have had three meets as parents since early June in order to talk about the direction of youth ministry at New Life Church. The combined attendance at all three has given the majority of parents on my mailing list a chance to participate, and the meeting this past Sunday brought several pieces together. What follows is the latest developments of the direction of youth ministry. It is a summary and adaptation of what I shared with the parents Sunday night.

I’m the Youth Pastor looking for help: Hi, I’m Scott, the new youth pastor of NLCC, and I’m looking for some help. What I’m looking for help to do is to INSPIRE YOUR TEENS TO REACH FOR THE BEST LIFE GOD HAS FOR THEM.

Since April when I heard that Taylor was taking a full-time position with Young Life at Lake Champion, I have been praying and thinking a lot about what direction we should take with our Youth Ministry (YM). I concluded that after watching and trying to help three different leaders lead the youth that this time I want it done my way.

I’m not being arrogant or blind in saying this. What I mean is that I believe youth ministry should happen in a certain way and I am willing to commit to being the “youth pastor” if that is what it takes. So, to frame the next step of the challenge for myself, and what I’m sharing with you, is that I’m the youth pastor looking for some help to inspire your teens to reach for the best life God has for them.

This is a daunting task and I can only do a little of all that could be done in this work. It will take many hands to do this and do it well. So I’m looking for some help in any way the Lord gives it.

There are three reasons I think this direction is right for us:
1) It aligns with what you want for your teen.
2) It aligns with what God has directed us as a church to do.
3) It aligns with what I am convinced is most important for the future of these kids.

WE ARE LEADING BABY ADULTS: The key thought that has gripped me about youth ministry and surfaced again as I faced the challenge of defining our YM, is that MS and HS students are standing at the threshold of adulthood and they have to be mentored, trained, and inspired to reach for the best life they can. Adults give teens the vision of a great life. Teens don’t find it on their own. And we must show them how to know and walk with Jesus in it.

I’m convinced that a human’s life is better the closer to the Creator they are, and that Creator has said that the closest way to him is through his Son, Jesus. So we must mentor and teach them how to have this.

These teens are stepping into Adulthood – a strange and dangerous world that they cannot turn back from. So I want our youth ministry to be an environment where teens are INSPIRED to reach for the best and to reach for the best God offers to them. I want them to be confident, wise, good, and strong adults who live with the joy and strength of knowing the God of eternity leads them. So, this is what we will work for.

THE BIGGEST CHANGE THEY FACE IN LIFE: I believe this season of adolescence is when they face the biggest change in life since birth. They didn’t have much of a role to play then; nature took its course. But entering adulthood and how well they do it, is now in their hands. You do not do it for them. This is theirs to do. But it is ours to create an environment that inspires them to reach for the best life God offers them.

Structure and Steps: What comes next is forming two main parts of our ministry structure. We need to form a ministry team that will work to create this environment, and we need to for a regular meeting/gathering for parents of teens to walk and learn together in raising teens into adulthood. This is just as much a season for parents as for teens.

This is the structure I see.

1. Ministry Team: I will train a volunteer parents and others about youth ministry. This team will meet often to learn and then to develop and execute the plan.

2. Parents group; I hope for at least monthly sessions for discussion, friendship, and mutual support.
These two formats will give us our communication and programming structure. The ministry team people will be doing a lot, the rest, I hope, will take on single tasks and events. Many hands make light work.

1. Form ministry team
2. Training of team and planning the year
3. Communicate everything
4. Start parent’s group
5. Start meetings and events

Decision time: It’s decision time. Who will start helping me? Text or email me if you want to be on the ministry team. We will set our first meeting soon. Those who can’t do that please plan to help with tasks as you hear of them and are available.

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